Free gift cards anyone?

No, this is not one of those spam e-mails that gets auto-diverted to your trash.  I’m taking about the best iPhone/Droid app ever, ShopKick.

When you walk into specific stores (Target, Macy’s, JC Penney, & AE, just to name a few) you get “kicks”.   And when I say walk in, I mean walk in and sometimes just walk near the front door.  A sensor in the store emits a noise that your phone’s microphone detects and that’s how you’re awarded the walk-in kicks.  Every store has a different walk-in kicks level and some days there are no kicks to be had.  There are usually item scanning kicks available.  Also, some stores offer kicks for purchases you make when you link your Visa or Mastercard.

This app is amazing.  I’ve had it on my iPhone since January 2012.  As of this moment, I’ve earned $497.51 in gift cards.  And these are real (well, virtual) gift cards for stores you will actually want to shop at like Coach, Target, Macys, Best Buy and a lot more.

You redeem your kicks for gift cards within the app and most are available as soon as you redeem your kicks.  I’ve redeemed kicks for Sports Authority gift cards as I’ve stood in line at the store with my $100+ Asics in hand.  Asics on which I didn’t spend a penny, thanks to ShopKick.

The app is free and is very easy to use. You just have to remember to use it.  Click the link above to sign up!


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