You need a Target Red Card

If you don’t already loooove Target, you have issues.  I can wander aimlessly for hours.  They have almost everything you could need, although I don’t like their produce so much.  I’m not fond of packaged produce.

Anyway….whether there’s a Target near you or not, you need to get a Target Red Card.  There’s a Visa option or a debit card option. I went with the debit card, because it’s Target. I can’t be trusted with an unlimited credit line (well, they’d limit it, but still). I have to have the cash in my checking account to make a purchase so it keeps me within budget.

With the Red Card you get 5% off of almost every purchase. Even on Disney gift cards. Yes, if you’re going to one of the Disney Parks, you can save 5% if you fund your visit with Disney gift cards purchased at Target.  Your savings may only net you a free small soda in the park, but hey, it’s a free soda.  They sell other gift cards (iTunes, chain restaurants, etc) and you save 5% off the face value. You do not get 5% off of Target gift cards or prescriptions.

Free standard shipping on any amount to ALL 50 STATES!!!! See something on their website that you can’t find in the store? Need to send a gift to a family member in a tiny town in Alaska? Not near a Target? Are you like me and you prefer to do all of your Christmas shopping online because you’re too impatient to stand in line?  You don’t have to pay the standard shipping fee (usually starting around $9) when you use your Red Card! That is reason enough to get the Red Card.

Target also has an app called Cartwheel that usually saves you another 5-20% off items when you shop in the store.  You add discounts for certain items within the app and the cashier scans the bar code at the end of your transaction.  My local Targets have free wi-fi now, so I just connect and search the app for the items I’m tossing in my cart as I wander. You’re not going to be making a killing here, but every discount helps.  Why pay full price if they’re willing to give you a discount?


4 thoughts on “You need a Target Red Card

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