More free giftcards

Several years ago I joined MyPoints. It’s kind of like a mall, with links to several retailers on their site. If you click through the MyPoints site and make a purchase at one of their 1242 retailers (Macy’s, Old Navy, Best Buy, iTunes, etc.) you earn anywhere from 1-25 points per dollar.

You save up your points for gift cards. You can start redeeming (for the more useful gift cards) at 1600 points. Gift cards range from $10-100 for places like Target, Amazon, Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Starbucks, PF Changs, and “more than 75 merchants”.  I rarely redeem for less than a $50 gift card, because the redemption value is usually discounted for higher value gift cards (Example: a $25 Macy’s gift cards costs 3450 points and a $50 Macy’s gift card costs 6450).  I’ve earned about $850 in gift cards since joining.

I will warn you that they send a lot of email. You can limit how much they send but they use your e-mail address to match up the purchases you make and award your points, so use the same e-mail address you’d use with the retailer. They also send emails that have a 5 point offer just for clicking on a link, so don’t completely shut them down. You can earn 20 points clearing your your emails as you stand in line at the grocery store by clicking their links.

If you have an extra minute when you’re shopping online, this is my favorite site for stacking or double-dipping. My usual method is to go to MyPoints first and find the retailer where I want to shop. I click their link and it takes me to the retailer’s site.  I then close that window (It makes them think I’m shopping through their site and sets the points earning process in motion). Then I open a new window and scope out which of my credit cards is offering the best cashback rewards for the retailer where I’m shopping.  I use my credit card mall’s link to shop and finalize my purchase.

There. I’ve just earned points through MyPoints AND my credit card’s cashback program! I’ve doubled up on my gift card earning and I’m awesome.


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