Concerts & sporting events, my way

I haven’t been to many concerts in the past few years because the ticket prices are ridiculously expensive and there aren’t many artists that are so amazing that I’d be willing to pay those prices.  Then along came the Justin Timberlake and Jay Z summer tour. Amazing? No. But they did put on a good show.  So good that I’m probably going to go see Justin when he comes back next month.  While waiting for the show to start, I learned a couple things that I will use for the next concert.

I bought my tickets from Ticketmaster the SECOND they went on sale. Tickets sold out in less than 45 minutes. I paid about $90 per ticket with all the fees. My seats weren’t nosebleed awful, but Justin and Jay would have been like tiny upright ants from where we were sitting.

When we got to our seats I jumped on Stubhub mobile to see which seats were still available.  Yep, we moved to someone else’s seats. Because they were still listed, we knew nobody was going to be kicking us out of those seats.  We didn’t get much closer, but we had a better view and we made it to seats that were two price levels above ours.  And Justin and Jay were now tiny upright flies instead of ants.

I noticed a much more important thing during my in-stadium Stubhub search.  One hour before the show started, there were still over 1500 tickets available. Ticket prices in my original section had dropped to $25!! I’m pretty sure ticket brokers (and enterprising craigslist sellers) were the ones who made the show sell out in 45 minutes and now they were paying the price.  I’ll use them to my advantage the next time someone worthwhile rolls through town.

I plan on spending the day in the city where Justin’s going to be performing next month.  I know exactly where the Kinkos closest to the stadium is located.  You’ll find me there printing out my fire sale Stubhub tickets an hour (or less) before the show.


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