Caffeine Free

Before Starbucks appeared on every corner, you couldn’t get coffee down my throat.  Now that it’s all posh and popular, I time out my mornings so I can make sure I have time to get my fix before I have to be at work.  Yes, it’s a total rip-rip off. I pay $3.70 for about 10 cents worth of product.  But still, I must have it. In my defense, I’ve cut down my double tall iced non-fat lattes to once (okay, maybe three times) a week.  I always fund them with my registered Starbucks gift card.

It’s almost Christmas and you’re probably going to get a couple Starbucks gift cards as gifts. Register them! You can even combine the value of all your cards onto one card. Even better, you can download the Starbucks mobile app and you don’t even need to carry the plastic cards anymore.  You will always have your card with you, even if you’re only carrying your phone. So evilly convenient.

There are levels to this program.  Any average Jane can become a “registered” member. Those who earn five stars level up to Green. And those of us who are addicted (and earn 30 stars in 12 months) level up to Gold.

There are multiple benefits to registering your Starbucks card for the My Starbucks Rewards program.

  • Birthday presents! Starbucks wants to reward you just for being born.  You receive a free drink or food item on your birthday. The drink is any size, any price.  Even these weird ass concoctions. Get crazy with it! (All levels)
  • Free drinks and food!  You receive one star per transaction. When you earn 12 stars, you get a free drink or food item. (Gold Level) As I said, you get one star per transaction. If I’m feeling extra cheap, I break my order into multiple transactions when I’m ordering more than one drink. I have no shame.
  • Free refills! Get brewed and iced coffee and tea refills at no charge during your visit at a single participating store. (Green & Gold Levels) You can sit in Starbucks and pretend to look important on your laptop all day long and keep refilling that cup at no charge!  This is actually great in the summer when you want to chug iced tea all day as you stroll the outdoor mall. Just keep going back to the same store for your first purchase and your refills.
  • Discounts! Opt to receive emails or texts when you sign up. They send coupons and deals a couple times a month for stuff like $1 off, BOGO, & free shipping.  If you download the app, they just kind of magically appear. (Gold Level)
  • Lost or stolen card replacement! If some bitch ever steals your card (or you happen to misplace it) you can get a replacement card with your restored value. (All Levels)
  • The Gold Card! Once you’ve leveled-up to Gold, Starbucks prints your name on your very own gold foiled gift card and mails it to you. If you actually use it (I think I shredded mine), you’ll enjoy the priceless benefit of not having to tell the register person your name when you order! There you go. I just saved you some breaths and some money!!!

2 thoughts on “Caffeine Free

  1. Great info OCB! I love Starbucks. And…if you buy a bag of coffee, when you finish it (or dump the coffee into your own attractive canister), just take the empty bag into any Starbucks and they will give you a free cup of Joe.

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