I-I-I-I Work Out. And I get paid for it.

It’s the first “work day” of the New Year.  Or, as I like to think of it, Day 1 of the diet.  Let me guess what your New Year’s Resolution is…..

Thousands of well-meaning people are paying for a gym membership that they don’t use.  Luckily, I’m not one of them. You shouldn’t be either! I’m cheap. I don’t like to waste money. I also don’t like to just give money away.

Introducing……Pact.  Using the stick, rather than the carrot, Pact motivates me (and hopefully you) to get off my ass and get moving.  It’s an Apple and Droid app that uses a variety of ways to make sure you’re being active as much as you say you will. Some time before Monday, you set your pact for the coming week (Weeks are Monday-Sunday). You decide how many days (1-7) you will be active and how much each missed day will cost you ($5-50).  During the pact week, you work out/be active for the number of days you agreed to or you pay for the missed days.

You can check in at the gym from the app. Using your phone’s GPS, Pact randomly pings your location to make sure you are where you say you are. Stay and workout for at least 30 minutes and you’ve met the daily requirement.  Not working out at a gym? Use the in-app motion tracker or one of their partner fitness apps (RunKeeper, MapMyFitness) or your Fitbit or Jawbone UP to track your activity.  You can use the RunKeeper app to meet the “30 minutes of activity above 2 miles/hour” requirement on your lunch hour walk!

Each week that you meet your pact, you earn a teeny tiny bit of reward money for each day of the pact.  The payout has ranged between 25-50 cents since I’ve been a member. The earning add up slowly.  You won’t be quitting your job with this app, but at least you aren’t paying for a gym membership you aren’t using. And, more importantly, you’re being active!

Pact is giving away money! Use this link to get started with $5 in rewards.

(Note: This app was called GymPact, which was such a better name, up until January 1st. They’ve recently added two additional pacts for healthy eating. One syncs with MyFitnessPal and the other requires you to take and send pics of yourself eating veggies. I haven’t tried either.)


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