New mom. Cheap mom.

I just heard about the referral program on the Familyhood collection of shopping sites that offers a killer deal for its members. You earn $5 for each friend that uses your unique referral code and makes a qualifying purchase.  As is part of their family, this is an amazing deal for new moms and dads.  Also, with the referral, the recipient gets a 20% discount on their first purchase (except at and free 2-day shipping on purchases of $49 or more. Set up your registry on the site and your family and friends can save on your gifts. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  1. Sign up for a free account at any one of the Familyhood sites.
  2. Save at least one credit card in the account and choose the “Place referral credits in my account” option.
  3. Load up a shopping cart.
  4. Use my referral code for your 20% discount: SARU6350
  5. Check out.
  6. Start inviting friends and family to start building your referral bank and save them 20% and earn yourself $5.

The referral program works across the whole family of sites below and it’s a $5 referral fee PER SITE.

Say a friend of yours who has never shopped any of our sites uses your Refer-a-Friend code or email address to shop all ten of our sites. That would be $5 multiplied by ten sites, or up to $50 of account credit or charitable donation.

Their sites include (baby superstore), (home essentials), (pet products), (toys), (home decor & linens), (natural groceries), (activities & sports equipment), (books), (clothes & shoes), & (prestige cosmetics). 


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