PlumDistrict is a great discount site for all women. It’s definitely geared towards moms and kids, but we childless folk can enjoy the deals, too.

We are a community of moms connecting other moms to products and inspiration to make our lives easier. We’re here to spark the sort of connections that make mom’s day by offering great values for her and her family.

PlumDistrict is free to join and they offer national and local deals. If you’re taking a vacation, check out the offers in your destination area. My favorite Bay Area nail salon chain (Pinkies) comes up often and I get my mani/pedis at a super discount. They also have a lot of offers for personalized gear, toys, maternity nutrition, kid’s sports camps, fitness gear, magazine subscriptions, kid’s clothes, etc. It’s a site for anyone.

PlumDistrict also offers some great referral bonuses for their members! When you invite or refer a new member, you earn 5 Plum Dollars to use on your next purchase.  They also offer the “Three for Free” deal. If you purchase a deal and share it with friends (via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail) and three of them purchase the same deal, you get yours free!


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