My mama told me, you better shop around

I’m kinda addicted to shopping. I like to buy new things. I’m also cheap, so I’m a sucker for a deal. I do have my standards though.

I don’t really consider something a deal until it’s at least 30% off. That’s my threshold. I don’t fall for that “buy one get one half off” nonsense. Do the math. It’s only 25% off if you buy two of the same priced items. Not worth it, unless it’s something you truly need and were going to buy anyway.

I’m a super smart shopper. I do my research if I’m making a “big” purchase. For me, any single item over $75 is a big purchase. For some reason, I have to really debate anything over that amount and I will research it heavily before I buy it. I know I’m going to find it cheaper.

Once I know what I want, I will check several websites and sites like RetailMeNot to find coupon codes for those sites. I’m kind of maniacal about it. I will also check in several stores. I have a terrible memory, but I can remember prices like a champ. This usually pays off.

A lot of times I will find the item in-store for considerably less than on a website. I’m not against buying a floor model (Except for shoes. Don’t EVER buy the display pair!!) if it’s in decent condition, returnable, and hygienic. I also know right where to find the clearance section in my favorite stores. It’s usually the first place I go.


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