Movie time!

Overpriced tickets and extremely overpriced snacks make going to the movies a pretty expensive outing. Usually. Thankfully, Regal Cinemas around the country are offering $1 movies this summer!

They’re all “family friendly”. They aren’t recent releases and the times and dates are very limited.  But they’re cheap, kids love them, and the theater is usually chilled to meat locker temps. You can save some money, make the kids happy, and beat the heat.


Fee-Free Yosemite (and other parks)

I took this!!!

I took this picture!!!

Mark your calendar! Monday August 25 & Saturday September 27 are Free Entrance Days at our National Parks! I’m partial to Yosemite and Pu’uhonua o Hōnaunau (Try pronouncing that!).

Your savings depends on which park you go to but I know it costs $20 per car for entrance into Yosemite. September is usually beautiful in Yosemite. I doubt there’s ever an ugly day in Pu’uhonua.

Airfare Compare

Kayak is the first place I go when I’m ready to book airfare. AirfareWatchdog has probably already alerted me to a drop in fares, but I like to do a double-check.

Kayak lets you compare the prices of all airlines at once. You choose the departure and destination airports and the dates (or date range if you can be flexible) you want to fly. You can then narrow the results by time, number of stops, and airline.

This site makes it really easy to find and buy your airfare at the lowest possible price.

Are you having a tax deduction?

Ooops! I mean baby. Are you having a baby?

If you have a Babies R Us or a Buy Buy Baby near you, sign up for both stores’ e-mail list, text list, etc. BuyBuyBaby loooooves to send out “20% off” and “$5 off $15” coupons. And Babies R Us will accept them. Babies R Us will also send some coupons out, but not at BuyBuy’s frequency. And BuyBuy will also accept their sister store’s coupons (Bed Bath & Beyond). Depending on the cashier, Babies R Us may or may not accept Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.

If you’re having a baby, register at Babies R Us. With Endless Earnings you earn 5-10% on all items purchased off of your registry, even your own. That includes furniture, diapers, formula, and most everything you need. They’ll send you a gift card of your earnings. Also, they’ll send you a “completion coupon” (currently 15% off an entire transaction) a few weeks before your due date to purchase anything you didn’t receive. You can also add to your registry before checking out when you’re using the completion coupon in case you think of some more necessities.

Babies R Us also offers the Rewards R Us program. This is yet another way to get some earnings. You earn Rewards dollars (coupons) for your own purchases when you use the card at checkout at Babies R Us and Toys R Us. Rewards start at $250 in spending (2 points per dollar), which you’ll hit (and keep hitting) pretty quickly. It’s just like stacking coupons.

If you want to go for the trifecta, open a Toys/Babies R Us Mastercard. You’ll earn 4 points per dollar (at Babies and Toys R Us) with the Rewards R Us program and 1 point per dollar elsewhere. They’ll also send you card-holder only coupons and a one-time account opening “% off “coupon for your entire first purchase. (I didn’t sign up for the card, so I’m not sure if it’s 10, 15, or 20% off)

Put that baby to work!