Thank you for saving!

Some awesome readers of my blog used my Familyhood savings code: (SARU6350) to save 20% on their first purchase! Stacking coupons (Familyhood lets you use multiple codes) and using my account credits, I paid $7.76 for a year’s worth (hopefully) of Method hand soap and dish soap refills. Thank you readers!

Familyhood is a collection of sites that sell most anything a family could products, food, home decor, beauty products, pet food, household essentials, etc. You can shop across all of their stores, in one transaction, to meet free-shipping levels. When you refer people to the site, they save 20%, and you get a $5 account credit. You can sign up for any one of their sites and refer people to any of the sites and your referral credit (and their 20% discount) works across all. Go sign up for an account and start referring people today!

Use Savings Code: SARU6350


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