Free TurboTax

I logged into my credit union savings account this morning and noticed a link to free TurboTax. If you have basic tax needs, like me, you can use the online simple federal edition and state free! You will have to pay to e-file. Or be cheap like me and print those pups out and mail them in.


Free Panda Express Entree

Panda Express just started offering online ordering. To get the word out, they’re offering a free entree “item” when you place an order online, until December 31, 2014.

Thank you for saving!

Some awesome readers of my blog used my Familyhood savings code: (SARU6350) to save 20% on their first purchase! Stacking coupons (Familyhood lets you use multiple codes) and using my account credits, I paid $7.76 for a year’s worth (hopefully) of Method hand soap and dish soap refills. Thank you readers!

Familyhood is a collection of sites that sell most anything a family could products, food, home decor, beauty products, pet food, household essentials, etc. You can shop across all of their stores, in one transaction, to meet free-shipping levels. When you refer people to the site, they save 20%, and you get a $5 account credit. You can sign up for any one of their sites and refer people to any of the sites and your referral credit (and their 20% discount) works across all. Go sign up for an account and start referring people today!

Use Savings Code: SARU6350

Airfare Compare

Kayak is the first place I go when I’m ready to book airfare. AirfareWatchdog has probably already alerted me to a drop in fares, but I like to do a double-check.

Kayak lets you compare the prices of all airlines at once. You choose the departure and destination airports and the dates (or date range if you can be flexible) you want to fly. You can then narrow the results by time, number of stops, and airline.

This site makes it really easy to find and buy your airfare at the lowest possible price.

Just for U was made just for me

If you live in an area with a Safeway, hopefully you’re already a Safeway Rewards member.  However, you may not have bothered to sign up for their “Just For U” emails. You are missing out on some huge discounts.

A few times a week, you’ll receive an email preview of the offers that are available. If you log into their site (or the mobile app), you can add the personalized offers to your card.  You can also add mobile coupons. I’ve noticed that many items on the personalized offers are also on the mobile coupons page, doubling the discount. You can also use any paper coupons you have and triple your savings. I saved 47% yesterday (it shows on your receipt).

There’s usually at least one free offer available, too. Yesterday I got a free Kashi frozen pizza (which was surprisingly good and I will definitely buy it) and a free box of Jolly Ranchers gelatin. And, because they track my purchases, I’m getting grande Starbucks drinks for $2 this month. Yay!

Obviously, they are tracking what you’re buying. That’s really not a bad thing. Come on! It’s a grocery store!!! You’re not buying anything illegal. They send you offers based on your shopping habits and what you’re already buying. It’s a total win for you. Who cares if they know you like to buy Lucky Charms every once in a while? Maybe you’ll get a discount on them next time.

You can also create an e-shopping list of the discounted items. This is great if you’re using the mobile app. It even lets you check items off as you put them in your cart. I tend to forget things very quickly, so this is one of my favorite features. I can see the offer price and compare it to similar items as I’m looking at the shelf. The Just For U price has been the lowest, in my experiences.

Just for U is a free app/service. Go sign up!