I hope you’re still sleeping

I am! (I scheduled this post weeks ago.) I don’t believe in Black Friday. No great deal or any amount of savings could get me into a store at some ridiculous early hour today or ever. Waking up too early is reserved for catching a flight.


Shop Small. Save Big.

Registration for American Express’ Small Business Saturday started this morning!  Register your American Express card now and on Saturday, November 29, use that card for an in-store transaction at a local small business for a purchase of $10 or more and you’ll receive a $10 statement credit for up to three small businesses. You can earn up to $30 in statement credits! And if you have multiple American Express cards, each one qualifies individually. I happen to have three, so I’ll be earning/saving $90 that day.

In past years, the Small Business Saturday offer was a one-time $25 statement credit at one small business.  Many small businesses in my area offered bonus gift cards with the purchase of regular gift cards that day. My favorite nail salon offered a bonus $25 gift card, when you bought a $25 gift card. So I’d end up paying $0, for $50 in gift cards. It was a killer deal. I’m hoping they’re offering something similar this year.

Thanks for Sharing

macysMacys’ Thanks for Sharing program is back!

If you have a Macy’s credit card pay $25 now to earn 10% of your purchases back, from the day you enroll until December 31, 2014.  Yes, you’ll earn 10% back on your Christmas shopping. Plus, you’re still free to use all the coupons you want during the accumulation period.  I receive “20% Off” and “$20 Off” coupons weekly.

Earnings are distributed via a gift card that you’ll receive sometime in February or March 2015. I earned $114.43 last year (Really $89.43 when you factor in the $25 I paid, but it’s still a savings!)

If you don’t have a Macy’s credit card you can apply for one. Beware though. The current APR is 24.5% on a Macy’s revolving credit card. If you are not able to pay the balance in full each month, it is NOT worth the savings.