Get a discount & don’t get sick

I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going to lecture you on why you should get a flu shot. I have an 8 week old niece and I see her every day. So I’ll keep on getting my flu shot for her sake.

I don’t really like getting shots. But if I’m going to get one, I might as well get a cheap one or get some added financial benefit for getting stuck with a needle.

Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Safeway – Safeway pharmacies offer walk-in & by-appointment vaccinations AND you get a coupon for 10% off of one grocery shopping trip. If your insurance covers your shot, then it’s sort of like you’re making money here.
  • CVS – I still call this place Longs, because that’s what I grew up with. Anyway, CVS is offering a 20% off savings pass with a flu shot. Again, if your insurance is paying for your shot, you’re getting decent kick-back here.
  • Walgreens (for those with insurance) – Walgreens isn’t offering a discount to those with insurance, but they are making you feel better about getting your flu shot.  They have the Get a Shot. Give a Shot. program.  For each flu shot given at Walgreens, one lifesaving vaccine will be given to a child in a developing country through the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign.
  • Walgreens (for those without insurance or who are underinsured) – Walgreens will be providing more than 400,000 flu shots with vouchers provided by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Individuals who are eligible for vouchers can call 1-800-925-4733 to find the nearest Walgreens location offering flu shot vouchers, as availability is on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.
  • Costco – If you don’t have health insurance or your insurance won’t cover the shot, Costco offers the lowest retail price on the shot at $14.99.

I’ve already called and confirmed that my insurance covers the entire cost of my flu shot, so I’m making my Safeway shopping list.


Costco Deal!

LivingSocial is offering an awesome deal on a one-year membership to my beloved Costco!

• $55 ($104.47 value) for a Gold Star Membership
• Includes $20 Costco Cash Card and coupons
• Valid for new members for their first year of membership only

All new members will receive a pack of bonus coupons (a $29.47 value), good for a free Kirkland Signature™ 48-pack of AA batteries, a free rotisserie chicken, a free Kirkland Signature™ case of water, $4 off Kirkland Signature™ coffee, and $4 off Kirkland Signature albacore tuna.


PAID VALUE EXPIRES ON February 7, 2019


Discount your Costco Membership

If you have a Costco near you and you aren’t a member, you’re missing out.  When you think of Costco, you probably think “bulk food”…giant barrels of peanut butter and a ten pound block of cheese.  Costco is so much better than that now.  They sell everything.  Diapers, mattresses, jewelry, computers, toys, brand name clothes , prestige cosmetics and fragrances, movie theater tickets, bikes, TVs,  cell phones, gift cards, prescription eye wear, and even caskets!  Costco has you covered from birth to death and all the time in between.

I use my Costco membership so much that it’s free.  I’m an “Executive Member”.  My “2% Rewards” earnings on my Costco purchases earns me a fat check right before my renewal date.  The check is good for anything at Costco, even my membership renewal.

The bulk (lame pun!) of my grocery purchases are made at Costco. I buy all of my frozen and fresh meats, frozen seafood, eggs, cheese, and some produce there.  I haven’t found the bulk quantities to be a waste of money or food.  I take my lunch to work everyday and I cook dinner most weeknights.  I’ve also split a purchase with a friend or relative when I knew it would be too much for me to consume or use before it expired.

I buy a lot of household products and all of my contact lenses there.  I often find designer clothes and sunglasses while roaming the warehouse.  I bought my TV there, too. (The same TV that Best Buy was selling for about $30 more.)  I also buy gift cards for local and chain restaurants there.  They’re typically $100 worth in gift cards, at a cost of $79.99. And because I’m a cheap bitch, I buy most gifts there, too. They sell everything!

A regular Costco membership is $55.  The Executive Membership is $110.  If you think you’ll be spending at least $2800 there annually, go with the Executive Membership. In the end, it’ll be cheaper.  You’ll be amazed at the selection at Costco and you’ll be amazed at how quickly that cart adds up. Making your 2% reward pay for your membership is much easier than you think.