Free TurboTax

I logged into my credit union savings account this morning and noticed a link to free TurboTax. If you have basic tax needs, like me, you can use the online simple federal edition and state free! You will have to pay to e-file. Or be cheap like me and print those pups out and mail them in.


Are you having a tax deduction?

Ooops! I mean baby. Are you having a baby?

If you have a Babies R Us or a Buy Buy Baby near you, sign up for both stores’ e-mail list, text list, etc. BuyBuyBaby loooooves to send out “20% off” and “$5 off $15” coupons. And Babies R Us will accept them. Babies R Us will also send some coupons out, but not at BuyBuy’s frequency. And BuyBuy will also accept their sister store’s coupons (Bed Bath & Beyond). Depending on the cashier, Babies R Us may or may not accept Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.

If you’re having a baby, register at Babies R Us. With Endless Earnings you earn 5-10% on all items purchased off of your registry, even your own. That includes furniture, diapers, formula, and most everything you need. They’ll send you a gift card of your earnings. Also, they’ll send you a “completion coupon” (currently 15% off an entire transaction) a few weeks before your due date to purchase anything you didn’t receive. You can also add to your registry before checking out when you’re using the completion coupon in case you think of some more necessities.

Babies R Us also offers the Rewards R Us program. This is yet another way to get some earnings. You earn Rewards dollars (coupons) for your own purchases when you use the card at checkout at Babies R Us and Toys R Us. Rewards start at $250 in spending (2 points per dollar), which you’ll hit (and keep hitting) pretty quickly. It’s just like stacking coupons.

If you want to go for the trifecta, open a Toys/Babies R Us Mastercard. You’ll earn 4 points per dollar (at Babies and Toys R Us) with the Rewards R Us program and 1 point per dollar elsewhere. They’ll also send you card-holder only coupons and a one-time account opening “% off “coupon for your entire first purchase. (I didn’t sign up for the card, so I’m not sure if it’s 10, 15, or 20% off)

Put that baby to work!

6+ months free admission to Universal Studios

Going to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2014 or do you live in the area? This may be the deal for you.  Get all of 2014 for the price of a 1-Day regular admission ($92)!
Plus you’ll receive Annual Pass Member benefits all year long!

  • Discounted General Admission tickets for your friends and family
  • Discounts on food and merchandise (excludes alcohol, carts and collectibles)
  • Discounted prices on Halloween Horror Nights tickets

Read the restrictions very carefully and check the blackout calendar before you buy or book anything (July is pretty much out).  


My mama told me, you better shop around

I’m kinda addicted to shopping. I like to buy new things. I’m also cheap, so I’m a sucker for a deal. I do have my standards though.

I don’t really consider something a deal until it’s at least 30% off. That’s my threshold. I don’t fall for that “buy one get one half off” nonsense. Do the math. It’s only 25% off if you buy two of the same priced items. Not worth it, unless it’s something you truly need and were going to buy anyway.

I’m a super smart shopper. I do my research if I’m making a “big” purchase. For me, any single item over $75 is a big purchase. For some reason, I have to really debate anything over that amount and I will research it heavily before I buy it. I know I’m going to find it cheaper.

Once I know what I want, I will check several websites and sites like RetailMeNot to find coupon codes for those sites. I’m kind of maniacal about it. I will also check in several stores. I have a terrible memory, but I can remember prices like a champ. This usually pays off.

A lot of times I will find the item in-store for considerably less than on a website. I’m not against buying a floor model (Except for shoes. Don’t EVER buy the display pair!!) if it’s in decent condition, returnable, and hygienic. I also know right where to find the clearance section in my favorite stores. It’s usually the first place I go.

What are you waiting for? Come back and shop!

I’ve been comparing/price checking certain things on the Target website a lot lately. Thanks to the cookies on my computer Target knows that I want to buy something, but I’m putting it off. I just received an email from Target asking” Still Thinking About This Item?” with a picture of one of the many items I was looking at and an offer for $5 off of my next order of $50 or more! I’m pretty sure I can also use my RedCard for an additional 5% off and free shipping.

I’ve received the same kind of “Come Back & Shop” offer from Macy’s, Bath & Body Works, and Bed Bath, & Beyond in the past. So, if you’re looking for a deal on something, look for it online. Add it to your cart or just click on it for more information. Make sure your cookies are turned on and always log into your account so the store knows who you are and what you want. They may be willing to give you a discount just for dragging your feet.


Costco Deal!

LivingSocial is offering an awesome deal on a one-year membership to my beloved Costco!

• $55 ($104.47 value) for a Gold Star Membership
• Includes $20 Costco Cash Card and coupons
• Valid for new members for their first year of membership only

All new members will receive a pack of bonus coupons (a $29.47 value), good for a free Kirkland Signature™ 48-pack of AA batteries, a free rotisserie chicken, a free Kirkland Signature™ case of water, $4 off Kirkland Signature™ coffee, and $4 off Kirkland Signature albacore tuna.


PAID VALUE EXPIRES ON February 7, 2019


California Eatin’

It’s January and that means it’s California Restaurant Month!  You can enjoy special pricing, prix-fixe menus, special wine pairings, and special events at tons of great restaurants across the state. It’s a great chance to check out that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.

Check to see if the restaurant is on OpenTable so you can earn your dining checks. Also, it’s 5% bonus cashback quarter at restaurants (and movie theaters) on your Discover card if you’ve added the deal to your card.

Check out the Life In California page for links to other cities and areas.